Where the hell have I been?

I’m back, 

    The number 1 reason why I haven’t written anything in a month, is solely because all the feelings and emotions where there, I just didn’t know how to explain them, or describe them. I’m still so blank on writting. Which scares me! I love to write, I haven’t written anything on my own for months now, if it isn’t a blog post explaining where I’ve been, that’s about it. It scares me, something I love doing and enjoy so much, something that brings me so much joy, is just not bringing me joy anymore. I’m never going to stop writing. Ever! 

Since my last post, I was okay for a while, and now I’m not. Right back where I started, and so much deeper. And I feel as though this pattern of disappearing for a month and coming back is sorta getting old. I just want to be okay, and healthy. But I’m not, and that’s not okay. I’ve never been okay. I’ve never been able to be okay. 

This is so not me saying I’m going to stop writing for a while. I just want my followers to know, or if you care, that if I don’t post for a month at a time, I’m probably in a dark place and just don’t want to do anything. This is mostly for me to read back later and remind myself to, WRITE MORE. Oh, I should make a slogan or something! Omg. 

I’ve got so much to say. And I’ve been thinking, I think I might start posting my short stories on here. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea, but I’ve definitely been thinking about it. 



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