The Death of My Sophomore Year ☠


High School Musical anybody? No? NO?

WELL, I survived Sophomore Year, which is a lot to say being that I hated every single person, for good reasons I assure you:

people are fake, and so very, very childish.

You come into high school with your friends thinking: ‘Man it’s going to be great guys, we’re going to stay friends forever, we’re gonna do X, Y, Z’,

But after freshman year, everyone changes, and everyone goes their separate ways, not waiting for you to catch up with them and they change.

you loose all your “friends”, they won’t even look in your direction anymore, but then you’re like fuck that. you make new friends, and life’s great again. until they start acting like shitheads.

And let’s not even start on the drama that surrounded me, and I had no idea what was happening. But you try to stay positive. You try to make amends with your friends but they’re still shitheads so then you’re like okay I’m done and temporarily turn into a heartless robot.

But then you meet new people who are just like who, who have been hurt and know exactly what you’re going through. You guys click and you form a new group of people who love you for you, and life is great again.

Then summer vacation comes, and your sophomore year is over and you’re a junior.. well almost.

Hoping these bunch of friends you’ve become so close with don’t just ditch you next year and decide they don’t like you anymore.

And if that happens fuck people!

My summer should be freaking fantastic! and I’m not even worried about next year or the year to come or after that, because no matter what happens… well… I’ve got Netflix mate.


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